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Intercap has access to a vast network of investors including corporate, private equity funds, venture capital funds, pension funds, financial angels, financial institutions, chartered banks, governments and other lenders.


Intercap helps you to:

  • Obtain funds for your development, expansion, acquisition, restructuring, recapitalization or other projects.
  • Prepare financial projections and business modeling.
  • Prepare a business plan to present to Investors.

We determine the most appropriate capital structure for your needs, establish a focused business plan and negotiate the best terms available on the market.


We can help with the following financing options


  • Common and Preferred Shares new issuance
  • Majority or minority investments
  • Recapitalization and Restructuring
  • Mezzanine financing with specialized funds
  • Senior debt and subordinated debt
  • Redemption by company executives
  • Business Loans
  • Federal and Provincial Grants

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