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For accounting, legal and financial matters, Intercap offers its consulting services to inform clients about their projects.


Intercap advises its investors, buyers and sellers at the appropriate time to complete their transaction. Offering an in-depth analysis of market conditions, our professionals identify the ideal time to conduct a transaction, enabling Intercap’s clients to obtain the best value and the best risk / investment ratio.


You are a Canadian entrepreneur looking to sell or acquire a foreign company, or looking for investment opportunities abroad, Intercap offers you a comprehensive analysis of investment opportunities

And assists you, through its network and its international partners, in your transactions abroad.


If you are an entrepreneur resident abroad and want to invest in Canada, Intercap finds you the company that fits your profile and your search criteria, offering you services and advice to facilitate the takeover of your new business.


Our local consultation services:


  • Governance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Source of funding
  • Succession and succession
  • Research Service
  • Feasibility study
  • Other adapted services

Our international consulting services:


  • Technology transfer
  • Merger and cross-border acquisition
  • Partnership and investment abroad
  • Opening of a subsidiary abroad
  • Opening of a subsidiary in Canada
  • Other services